Royal Destined Int’l School is a government approved school, co-educational, non-denominational, Inter-Cultural, Multi-Linguistic and International school. Royal destined school started like a Mustard seed Twelve years ago which has grown to a giant tree where many birds are setting and building their nest for safety and comfort. The school is a home for children, an education centre for learners and a church for pupils and teachers.

Campus I

Kindergarten and Basic Sections
N0 12 Nkpologwu Street
Omogba Phase II,
Anambra State.
Secondary Section
N0 12 Ezinfite Street
Omogba Phase II,
Anambra State.


Academic Overview

Pupils/Students and teachers at Royal Destined Schools exhibit a great deal of mutual respect, alongside a shared sense of fun and a desire to succeed. Read More

Learning Support

In our non-selective school, the Thriving and Progressive Teachers are fully qualified and ready to help your ward(s) maximize their potentials. Read More

Academic Departments

Departments in our International school. Click here to see our various departments.

We make them walk ROYALLY

…Let Your Light Shine

School Anthem

Verse I

Great Royal Destined
The school of my dream
A noble school
I owe you the duty
To uphold your honour
And raise your standard
Royal Destined International School


Oh! My dreams have come true
Royal Destined I love you
How I love you
I thank you Jesus
For this opportunity
To belong to this noble school

Verse II

Great Royal Destined
In games and sporting
Drama and debate
And the rest of others
In academics
We are proud of teachers
Who are dedicated to their work