The Proprietress

From the Proprietress’ Desk

Education is an important social determinant of health and so should be made available to everyone. A strong educational system is the corner stone of any country’s growth and prosperity for a population as a whole. A greater level of education goes far beyond economic ones. To deprive your children formal education today is to deliberately sentence your grand and great grand children to a life of poverty and slavery to their peers “Victor Hugo”.
Mahatma Gandhi once said that one should live as if he would die tomorrow and learn as if he would live forever. Education can impact factor in generating more cohesive, safer and healthier environment.
Knowledge is a complex set of dynamic skills that is constantly changing. Education as we know is changing rapidly, the classroom is no longer the only option to acquire knowledge. With the internet connection and computer one has the potential to develop knowledge and skills that will far outweigh the things one could earn by attending classes. This of course does not vitiate the importance of classroom learning.
I thank all the editorial crew members, my graphic designer, Henry Iroela for the sleepless nights they encountered in making sure this edition of Royalty Magazine is successful. I congratulate all my students as you graduate from this great school to always remember your almamatar.
May God bless you all in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mrs. Anayo Ifeoma
Proprietress B.Sc, PG Education, M. Education
Royal Destined Int’l School.